No nonsense, no jargon. Just a straight up driving instructor who will teach you how to drive.

A formal way of saying that is that Maun Valley is an independent driving school that covers all areas of Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, Little bits of Derbyshire and a few other surrounding towns.

Learning to Drive

We’re passionate about teaching, great at driving,and have a long list of previous passes to prove it.

Hour by hour pricing is best suited for those who don’t have a routine or schedule.You’re unpredicatable and wild. Especially being based in Mansfield.

Hour by Hour Price – £21.00 / 1 Hour Lesson

Block Booking is for those who have a plan. You’re free to book your lessons in whenever you want, but if you’re able to pick the same day or days every week, you’re going to be organised.

Block Pricing – £180.00 / 10 Lessons
£360.00 / 20 Lessons
£520.00 / 30 Lessons
PassPlus – £130 / Everything.

15 Years of Experience

We’ve always liked driving, and we’ve always loved teaching. Those two things together make the perfect combination to form a driving school. And that’s exactly what we did over 15 years ago now. We cover a large portion of the Mansfield area and have started to spread lessons into Chesterfield.

if you’re looking for Driving lessons in mansfield, you’ll no doubt have either been recommended by someone, or you’ll have done a search and found us that way. Since this website is sort of new, chances are you’ve been recommended.

Our driving instructors will train you to drive in a manual car, and give you the confidence you need to be able to start living life independently

Regular Lesson

When you start driving, this is the course you’ll take. Step by step instruction, teaching you everythintg about your car & every manouver you can think of. Except handbrake turns. They’re on the passplus.

Passplus / Motorway

– Driving at 70mph for a few hours at a time needs some confidence. We aim to give you that confidence, because Newquay is nice this time of year.


Driving a car is like riding a bike, just faster, warmer and less wet. You do however, forget how to drive cars when you’ve not driven in a few years & you’re not sure if you’re able to handle Googles latest car...

Night Time Driving

We’ll take out under the stars to show you how to handle those long winter nights and long drives home.

Crash Course

Learning to drive in the shortest time possible. Perfect for those who want to drive before those 5 days of summer.
Best experience. Neal is a very good driving instructor, he was very patient and talked me through everything. He helped me improve on my mistakes which all lead to me being able to pass first time. I would highly recommend. Annabelle Cassidy, Mansfield Woodhouse